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Return Policy


Customers can return an item within 10 days at your own expense. The item have to be un-used and in new condition. Both the returned item AND the packaging has to be in un-used as new condition, if the package is damaged we will charge a fee of at least 20% of the value of the merchandise.

We will either exchange the returning item(s) and send it to you freight-free or refund your money, right after we have received them and checked its condition.
Sneakerlab does not refund shipping costs. Even if there is a “Shipping Free” transaction applied,
Sneakerlab has the right to remove the shipping cost, providing legal receipt of it to the buyer.

If you place an order and refuse the package when it arrives, you will not get a full refund for your order. You will be charged with the costs of the shipping fees, and also with an additional penalty fee of 10% of the orders value or at least 25 Euro.

It is very important that you provide us with a telephone number that you use during day time, preferably a cell phone number.

Returns address

Chremonidou 43
116 33 Pagkrati, Athens
Telephone: +30 210 701 1366